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To give shape to customer  feedback,  our sales staffs will be  your liaison with our professional engineers.
We design and develop accurately by making full use of our own abundant data that has been accumulated over half a  century.
Our original high value added products that are reflecting human factors and ergonomics play active part in the fields of medicines,  chemicals,  food and so on.

carrry and store dump measure turn lay and stand hang lift cut crush grasp

Message from the President

TAIYU CO. LTD. has been dedicated to the "Customer First " policy since founded in 1950.
Thinking out of the box, we have developed and manufactured original and reliable products to meet customers needs.

Thanks to the customers advice, we have accomplished the business results.
Putting our skills to use, we respond to a variety of requests exactly .

Each and every employee engages in every department of TAIYU, the sales department, the design department, and the manufacture department, will continue to make further efforts to meet our customers' needs respectively.

Yoshikazu Tanaka

Company name TAIYU CO.LTD
Establishment November 1950
Capital 10,000,000 yen
President Yoshikazu Tanaka
Tokyo office
(Tokyo factory)
Zip code 261-0002
13 Shinminato, Mihama-ku, Chiba
Phone +81-43-204-5061
FAX +81-43-204-5064
Nagoya office
(Nagoya factory)
Zip code 468-0048
228 Nakatsubocho Tempaku-ku Nagoya-city Aichi
Phone +81-52-896-5201
FAX +81-52-896-5205
Osaka office Zip code 663-8134
17-21 Uedanakamachi Nishinomiya-city Hyougo1
Phone +81-798-44-5661
FAX +81-798-44-5660
Business Line

Special labor-saving equipment
Drum handling equipment of every kind
Material handling equipment of every kind
Material supply equipment
Inversion and rotation working equipment
Lifting equipment for work
Cutting oil recovery unit
Special equipment other link coupling

Company History  
1950 TAIYU TRADING CO.,LTD. was established (5 million yen in capital ).
Headquarters: 1-4 Nishi-hatchobori, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Factory: 2-2-20 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo

Established direct sales store in Osaka


Established direct sales store in Nagoya

1962 Headquarters moved to
1-2 Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Capital increased to 8 million yen

Established Nagoya Office

1968 Established Osaka Offiice
1969 Established Shonan Offiice

Nagoya factory was completed


The new Tokyo plant was completed

1983 The new head office building was completed
Changed the corporate name to TAIYU CO., LTD.
Headquarters moved to 2-2-20 Shinsuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo

The new construction of Nagoya Office and  Nagoya factory were completed


Capital increased to 10 million yen


Headquarters moved to 3-2-5  Shinsuna,  Koto-ku, Tokyo (current location )


Osaka Offiice moved

2014 April 1, We have taken over the business 100% through incorporation-type company split